Patents & Publications



5350271:  Automobile Lifting and Towing Equipment.  Sep 27, 1994
(Patent Pending):  Tow Truck Load Distribution System (Text) 
Tow Truck Load Distribution System (Figures)


"Safety Issues Associated with Low Pressure Inground Automotive Lifts"
"Thermal Analysis of the Hydraulic System for a Garbage Truck"
"Rear Underride Collision Protection for Special Purpose Straight Trucks"
"Car Carriers and Underride Collisions"
"Onboard Power Source:  Power Steering Pump"

Expert Reports

  1. ​​“Expert Witness Report, Civil Case No. 2:09-CV-53 in the US District Court for the District of North Dakota,  Northeastern Division:  Stotler v. Ozzie’s Pipeline Padder, Inc.” (Analysis of the design of a pipeline padding machine with regard to the cause of an injury) 01 April 2010.
  2. ​​“Expert’s Report in the case Parsons v McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Company and Waste Management of West Virginia, Inc., Civil Action No. 08-C-1333 in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County, WV”  (Analysis of the configuration and repair history of a trash truck with regard to the cause of an injury) 03 February 2010.
  3. “Consultant Report:  Hydraulic Systems Analysis of Rayco C87 Crawlers for Case No. 5:08CV00074DDD in the US District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, Rayco, Inc., v Deutz Corporation” 13 July 2009.
  4. ​“Inspection of Kenworth Rolloff Truck owned by Gardner Trucking, in the case Gardner v Amrep, Inc.”  (Analysis of the chassis-cab frame modification and installation of a rolloff trash truck body with regard to limitations on truck performance) 20 May 2009.
  5. “Stress Analysis for Lifter” (Documentation of stress analysis for a lifting fixture for use at a commercial dock) 04 May 2009
  6. “Analysis of the Documentation for an Auto Lift Accident Involving George Robos on 06 November 2002 at Fred Beans Cadillac, Doylestown PA in the case Robos v Achey, et al, Case No. 0406382-25-2 in the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Bucks in the State of Pennsylvania” 06 December 2006.
  7. “Technical File Review:  Ortega v CP Construction”  (Analysis of the design of a quick coupling device for excavators and backhoes) 15 June 2005.
  8. “Analysis of Trajectory for Driver Side L Arm Receiver in the case of Potts v DURU, Inc.”  (Analysis of the trajectory of a part of a towtruck wheel lift crossarm involved in an injury) 31 March 2004.
  9. “Investigation of Bend Pak Auto Lift at Crest Chevrolet in San Bernardino CA”  (Analysis of the design, structure, and condition of a two post above ground auto lift involved in a damage claim) 16 October 2002.